Trystain English Lessons: Participles and There/They’re/Their

Written by Trystain

k alll we are going to learn some english right now for everyone. eng;ish is like one of the literly one of the most important things is the world to learn and everyone should learn or else you will look like an iditout. listen to my lessons and you will become an english professonal like me and then your will get a lotf of hot libarians who read harry potter abd they look like harmymonine lol.

first thing to laern is we are going to lasrn about dangling particants. so… okay so i know right now you are all like so wuts trystain saying like wtf is a partcile lol. but this is like important so to learn basical part of the beginning, like opening part for the rest if the lessons that we are going to start from now on.

so… for what you dont know a danging paritpant is a thing tat look like “,” or like “.” cuz thats what it maeans by dangler like it danges down below the other worsd down on the ground.

so anyway u are ask yorself when will i use this danger paerticle and thats when you are making a setnece like hello honey and home you woudld put it like so “hello, honey, im, home.” so that shows u have three haeavy danglrs and one lite dangler thats not so far down and its called a period, thats the dot one. cuz the other one scientists called a comma.

k know we are going to basicly learn the diff beteween the there and theyre and their. so esentialy basicly the diff is that there means like so wheer something is… like when you are looking at something and you are like “hey look over there” and its like a dog

and theyre means, its like a group of people who you would call they like for exapple you say “those people are lookin at me funny i dont like they” and they measn another group of people like when you say we or i so its kina the same thing you know?

and for the last their… well….. so that one means so like say you are somone gives you an ice craeam and its somone elses and so you cant eat it and you’ll go like “i cannt take that ice cream cuz its theirs” and theirs means it belongs to somone else lol

and so thats the end of that so if u want more to learn of english i have a book of english things in it that i can expalin in more arctiles so stay tune for more of those make sure to vote and subscribe thx all im out – trystain