Harry & Hagar: Partners in Prank – Chapter 2: The Fawkesfire Pillow

Written by Trystain (PC Pickle game reviewer)

Ed’s Note: Presenting the second chapter of Trystain’s ongoing Harry Potter fanfic: Harry & Hagar: Partners in Prank. Trystain is more prolific than gifted, and does not seem to be getting any better with further installments, but nevertheless we believe there is some sort of limited entertainment value that can be gleaned from this.

snake knock on harry door so harry says go away hagar i am sleeping, and the snake says potter wake up you promised me you would help me turn a prank on dumbledorf and thats why I’m here and harry goes oh yeah lol

so snake is taking harry to dumbledorf’s office when hagar sees harry in the hall and said, whoa arry are you in trouble bloke, and harry starts to says something but then snake says, go back to your shed hagar this is officail Hogsmarts business, and then harry said yes it is, so hagar is like okay

snake lets harry into dumbledords office (and he does this with like a special key or a wand or some kind of magic) and then snake says potter we need to bald dumbledorf’s bird, and harry says you mean fawkesfire, and snake is like yup thats the one, the bird fire one from book 3 or 4 (i can’t remember rite now) so harry takes snake to the fawkesfire cage and pulls off the clothe, and then fawkesfire goes CAAAWWW!!!! in their face

snake says okay potter i am now about to do chinese black magic (aka dark wizard magic) so please cover your ear because this spell have cuss words in them and your wiz mom and dad will be upset if they hear you say them, and then harry goes my rents are dead, and snake is all oh yeah lol i forgot my bad lol

snake pulls his wand out and says some kind of poofy doofy wizard sounding spell and then all a sudden the leaves on the fawkesfire bird falls down and snake pick them all up in a bag and said i am going to make a pillow from this feathers and then i will become learn of many new wizard tricks that i can wand on people, including stupid no good student like you potter, and then harry startle and says but i help you snake i believe this was for to go against dumbledorf, and snake says yes and also because to go against the students…..!!!!!!

AND THEN ALL A SUDDEN dumbledorf come out from magic mirror nearby them and says thank you harry for warn me from snake since i knew he was going to turn a prank on me since you warned me, and harry is like np sir.

snake then said to dumbledord you will be sorry for this, and then dumbledorf say snake if you don’t shape up you will ship out, capeshi? (lol) and snake says ok whatever you suck potter

dumbledorf and harry high five and then dumbledorf does a stupid hang ten hand and stick out tongue. harry is embarrass then but glad he turned in the evil prof snake. harry turn to leave when dumbledorf stop him hey listen harry, and harry says what dumbledord, and he says i want to turn a prank on prof mcgargonzola, will you help me harry. harry gasp……. (TO BE COTNIUNE!!!!!!!!!)